Does each of every step of the 110 really host a mini chapter?

Yes they do, each step hosts a mini chapter of information, exercises, video examples and some where it has been possible are linked to studies.

Will I gain access to all the 110 steps?

Immediately after your coach has done your analysis you will gain access to all the steps that you scored high on, these will become green. You will also gain access to 5 steps, handpicked by your coach which will give you maximum impact as a speaker, these will be orange. You will then see steps which are grey, these are the steps that your coach will give you access to as you advance for each new video you record and upload.

Why do you only pick 5 of the 110 steps?

There are a number of reasons. The system has been used in David JP Phillips coaching during the last 3 years of development and whenever a client was given to many steps to work on at the same time they failed to practice them, and they failed to grow. The second reason is that the defining expertise of a trained coach is to analyse a speaker and be able to know exactly which steps will have maximum impact for that person. In this case the coach has a lot of steps to pick from but selects the 5 core steps that they know if you practice will have a massive impact on you.

Will I always advance 5 steps at a time?

No, that’s the beauty of having a specialist coach. When you have practiced your 5 steps and recorded and uploaded a new video. You may see that you fulfilled those 5 only but depending on which steps you were given it is much more common that you will now fulfil maybe up to 10 steps. Why? Because some skills are interlinked with each other. Let me give you an example. If you are given feedback that you have a low base volume (step 14) and you succeed in raising your base volume, this commonly has a direct effect on your self-confidence which will have a direct impact on steps (1,2,3,4,5,6,12,17,18,28). This means that one step can directly impact 10 steps.

Are the 110 steps adapted for men and women?

There is a common misconception that men and women have different presentation skills. This is simply not true. A person who is steadfast, curious, happy, energetic or upset just to mention a few, will use very similar presentation skills to convey those emotional states – irrespective of if they are a woman or a man. The system has been tested equally toward women and men and the same coaching is always applied.

If I use the 110 steps, won’t I become like everyone else using it?

No, as coaches we know that keeping your core and your personal traits intact are crucial, so we always take them in to account when coaching a client.

Is the 110-step model and SpeakerRating.com a perfect system?

Nothing is perfect. And honestly there are more steps, actually 126 core steps, but it became too many to realistically handle in a coaching system. So David JP Phillips tried to find common denominators to bring it down to 100 but it couldn’t be done. But at the end it was possible to house the 126 steps in 110 core steps with hundreds of more sub steps within those 110. The only category where there could be hundreds of more steps is “Language” and rhetorical devices but in order to make the model functional and useful David JP Phillips chose to pick out the most important and used rhetorical devices and language techniques from the studied 5000 speakers.

In which way will the 110 steps improve me as a speaker?

The more skills you deliver the more impact you will have on your audience. Something very interesting with the 110 skills is that they are all more or less connected to different traits for the speaker. For instance, about 20 of the steps lead to higher credibility, 14 lead to a higher self-confidence within you, 18 lead to increased focus for the audience, 29 lead to increased clarity for the audience and 8 lead to the feeling of your presence on stage. All of these traits and much more will of course make a massive difference for you on stage and for your audience.

Can I use my accreditation to prove my skills?

Absolutely, in your personal dashboard you will find banners for your individual accreditation and these banners you can use on your webpage, e-mail signature or on printed material.

How long does it take to advance in each of the 110 steps?

It varies a lot, first depending on how high or low you scored on the step and also the nature of the step/skill. To give you a couple of examples: (Step 25 – Filler sounds) usually takes 1-4 weeks to rid 95% of them. (Step 51 – pointing gestures) usually takes 1-3 practices and you are done. (Step 7 – Register) can take you months and the same goes for (82 – Eyes and the Duchenne smile) which took David JP Phillips over 6 months to integrate to his natural system. And then you have plenty of simple ones that take 1-3 practices. So as you understand it varies a lot. But this is where the beauty of SpeakerRating comes in because you are given 5 skills from your coach to work on and if you want to you can work on them every single day in every social situation and by doing so they become integrated into your being – something that can never be done in a 2-3-4 day training course.

Are the 110 steps universal?

Yes, they are universal with very few exceptions. You do however always need to take in to account that mirroring your audience and the person you are talking to is always fundamental to your success.

Can anyone become skilled in all the 110 steps?

Yes, they can, you can – and the time it can take depends entirely on how many skills you fulfill today and how much time you can devote to practicing. It can take anywhere between 3 and 24 months depending on your dedication and how far you want to advance your skills.