“Giving over 200 professional speeches every year, requires a world class performance from me. Surrounding myself with the best coaches is therefor absolutely necessary. David Phillips and the DP-model he has developed is by far the most revealing, guiding and groundbreaking model I have ever seen. I got so much out of geting my material run through this system.”
Jesper Caroon

“David JP Phillips is a master communicator, an outstanding coach and an over-all great guy. If you are serious about taking your presentation skills to the next level, David is your man.”
Erik Olkiewicz, Europe’s #1 business hypnotist and expert at subconscious reprogramming

“Working with David as a speaking coach and his 110 steps of excellence has truly helped me take my speeches to the next level. He has given me the tools to truly give value to any audience. I highly recommend him!”
Aron Andersson