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Our founder David JP Phillips, who is a famous global TEDx-speaker, has been a public speaking coach for over a decade and has during the last seven years studied 5000 speakers on a global level to distill the most common denominators that make an amazing speaker amazing.

The number he came to was: 126 steps. In order to not make it too complex those 126 were combined into 110 steps, now referred to as the 110-step model. In October 2018 the online platform was launched for speakers all over the world.

Talks by David JP Phillips

How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint – 1.5M views

The Magical Science Of Storytelling – 1.1M views

A message from David JP Phillips

My passion, my love, is communication. I have dedicated my life to it! Simply because it’s something we do almost as often as we breath and being good at it makes a tremendous difference in life. There are speakers all over the world who have tremendously important subjects and through I want to create an opportunity where every single speaker can grow and become brilliant at their craft, one step at a time, in their own time.

The background to the model

The background to the model is LPCR (Least Possible Cognitive Resistance). When a speaker is delivering a talk – there is one clear universal objective and that is to make the content as clear, concise and understandable as its humanly possible. For every step you fulfill in the 110-step model you achieve this better and better; if you can deliver your message with great verbal skills in combination with functional movements, functional gestures, facial expressions and the correct voice modulation there will be no cognitive resistance at all – your audience will clearly understand your message and remember it. A speaker who is fulfilling a majority of the 110 steps is clear! A speaker who is fulfilling thirty of the 110 steps would be saying one thing with their voice, another with their words and another with their body which will be highly confusing for the audience and make the message unclear. The more the merrier!

Coaches and partners

Today SpeakerRating has certified coaches spread around the world who can deliver analysis in English, Spanish, Arabic and Swedish. If you think you have what it takes and you want to become part of the family as a certified coach, do please contact us at

Our goal is, together with, to create the world’s first global objective accreditation system for speakers.

If you are a speaker bureau who wants to integrate the accreditation system in order to verify the skill level of your speakers for your clients, please contact

We at SpeakerRating have two missions:

Our primary mission is to give you an opportunity to grow as a speaker in a way that has never before been possible. Your growth will be detailed, personalised and systematic – which is an unbeatable combination for sustained growth.

Our second mission is to create the world’s first objective accreditation system for speakers to use in their CV’s and for Public Speakers to use to prove their skills!

Do we measure both skills and content?

We only measure your communication and presentation skills because that can be done objectively. We do not measure the quality of your content as that is far more subjective. However, the interesting thing with content is that if you are skilled enough you can make any content stand out. Imagine a highly skilled guitarist, they can play practically any piece brilliantly.

How do the results compare to audiences?

The results from the 110-step analysis have been cross referenced with live audiences and has been proven to have an error margin of 5% which is incredible considering the audience is measuring both content and skills in delivery and the 110 step analysis only measures the delivery skills.